Saturday, June 12, 2010

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OK. I want him! I want him baddddd! I'm a freshman attending a Illinois University and I am so obsessed with this guy by the initials of J.A.C. I had class with him but in the beginning I was crushing on someone else. I paid attention to how cute he was but was completely smitten by someone else. That person would give me the eye but he eventually transferred out and thus my obsession with JAC began. He was tall, vocal, opinionated and had the Justin Timberlake thing going on and he intrigued me. Now, know that we had been in class together since January 19th and then on a day in late April while waiting for a classmate to finish with a teacher, he spoke to me...OUT OF THE BLUE! HE SPOKE! Gosh, I was excited....I mean he'd been looking at me alot and i'd been dressing the part so he would. But we talked and later that night I messaged him about a class and he messaged back and then friend requested me. We talked a little and then he stopped. Now before we became FB friends..I stalked him..and showed him off to everyone as if he was mines! The fact that he stopped weirded me out and one day, I saw that he was going to a concert on campus and I immediately dragged a couple of my good friends to go. I wanted him to see me and I saw him and in my mind i knew he saw me but he didn't speak. Nonetheless, the concert was great and I love the band to pieces! So I wrote on his wall...saw u at the concert and the next day after class, we spoke about it and he walked me to work..we just talked the whole way. Later, I got him to make me a flashdrive full of music and then sneakily got him to give me his number. So recently, one day he was like hey, you are a very pretty and sympathetic friend and I kind of wish you were here with me. I feel hard over that...and then summer broke and things got weird. We talked a bit on facebook and I told him I want him and he didnt respond no or yes...he just said don't look to much into things and logged off. I texted him and told him I want him physically and he was impressed about how straight forward I was. I saw how he was having issues on FB and texted him last nite to encourage response. I'm tired of it and it isn't healthy. It isn't!!! I've deleted his number and texts (all 49 of them) but I still go on his page. It's making me sick and I'm tired of it...It isn't fair.

part 3

I have a crush on this guy in my class and I messaged him once on facebook but I never added him as a friend. I'm ultra paranoid so I probably will never add him now. It's getting pretty ridiculous though. When I search the first letter of his name he is the first person that pops up as if facebook knows I'm stalking him! He comes up before one of my actual friends on facebook with the same name who I have 60 mutual friends with lol! I'm afraid I'll quote something from his profile in our everyday conversations. I literally know too much. And if he tells me a story I have sometimes already heard about it via facebook. I barely know the boy but you can bet I know ALL about him. The things I do for infatuation. And the silly thing is that he might actually like me and I might actually have a chance if I stop being such a creeper sneaker.

Confessions of a "Facebook Stalker" 2

I had some hot college women living next door to me, and I wanted to see a little more of them. So, when they tried to use my open wireless internet, their names showed up in my iTunes shared libraries. Names led to Facebook pages, Facebook pages led to the Photo Stalker app, and now I've got some very nice beach pics of these two beauties...Bob/New Jersey/2 hours a day
I have this one friend who is just a really fun person. Every time I'm around him, I have a good time. He'll be all up on my facebook like "Hey, what's up?" and I'll be like "oh, nothing much. how's your college life?" (while flattered he spoke to me) and he'll never post back. In a week I'll say something else, and no reply. I rarely see him, never talk to him, and yet I'm on his facebook all the time, just looking at his wall-to-walls with other people, like "does he reply to you? becuase he doesn't reply to me." If I barely know him, why is this a problem?!

Confessions of a "Facebook Stalker"

I am simultaneously stalking like 5 guys. Pretty pathetic. Why my homework doesn't get done. HAVE GOT TO STOP. The site is fucking evil. Like its turning us all into stalkers. ayayay. Ann/Los Angeles/1-2 hours per day on facebook There's a particular person who doesnt have facebook but whos pictures i really want to see out of curiosity because they've become kinda famous recently, so the other day my friend had the awesom but tragically sad idea to make a fake facebook account and try to add people who we know knows this particular person lets call him jerry. Neither of us have ever met jerry or anybody who knows him, so it took a fair amount of research to find people who might be tagged in a photo with him, but we managed it (looked on his school website for people in his year, looosers!) . We then tried to make the account look more real, ie invente a good name, aded some discreet photographs of indeterminate people and added some randomers to look like we had loads of friends, then set about adding people we had found out would be tagged in pictures with jerry. It took a long time, but now we have our very own insight into jerry's life. He's a celebrity, an we know more about him than the tabloids! ok so he isnt that famous, just had a brief stint in reality tv, but it really is a tribute to facebook, and having too much time on your hands. I definately need sme sort of help :)
I change my picture at least twice a week to whatever most recent shot I have of myself looking especially cool or uncommonly attractive. I edit my personal interests and leave people pointless messages on walls just for the hell of it. I don’t really search for old acquaintances so I can keep in touch with them over the years; I simply want to see if they’ve dyed their hair, joined a sorority or gained a substantial amount of weight. Help me! --Jim / Los Angeles / 2 hours a day on facebook.
I was at dinner just last week and I said quite loudly, “by the way, I’m stalking Mark on Facebook.” The guy sitting at the table next to us was startled, and his girlfriend laughed. We looked at them inquisitively. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to overhear, but my name’s Mark.” “Oh,” I said, trying very hard to not be fazed by this. “Don’t worry, it’s not you.” Later in the evening I asked Mark to take a photo of us. Then I looked at the picture and announced, “That’s one for Facebook!” I'm an addict! -- Melissa / Brooklyn / 1.5 hours a day on facebook.
I have been "keeping an eye on" one of my Facebook friends, Melanie, for a couple of months now. I check her profile three or four times a day. I like to know right away when she updates her status. I enjoy looking through all of the 62 photos she has posted and all the photos that her friends "tag" her in. Melanie was just on vacation. -- Jason / Cincinnati / 1 hour a day.
Well I'm a female in college and have been Facebook stalking a crush of mine for well over a year now. I met him a total of 3 times before through mutual friends, though this was a long time ago (again, more than a year) and we really didn't get to talk to each other, etc. But I became obsessed with him through Facebook. I also was really crushed to find that he got a girlfriend at that same time. I look at her Facebook too and simply do not like her only because they date. It actually became a problem for me because I would spend so much time and energy worrying about him. I have found that I'm getting better, but I know that by looking at his Facebook in the beginning, I kind of lost touch with reality. So my lesson was: Do not assume things about people based on Facebook. Get to know them on a personal level and then you might not be as disappointed in the end to find your fantasy a blur.
My ex and I were on and off for most of the summer. During an off period, he met a girl that he "hung out" with. According to him, the fooled around a few times, but it wasn't serious. Nonetheless, they stayed in touch even when we were back together. He recently left for the Navy, and I looked regularly through her facebook account to make sure they had no FB Friends in common. Her freaking account is private, but she posts on this other guy's page I'm now stalking this random guy just in the hopes of seeing her posts. So that's me..stalking a guy I don't know who may not have ever met my Navy man. Normal much?....Heather/ 1.5 hours a day/ Baltimore
I spend so long looking at peoples wall-to-walls and absorbing random information only to find myself confronted with the people in real life. I have a habit of regurgitating this information, and they must wonder how I know all these intricate details. I also never friend request people on facebook and only accept them, so the way I stalk absolute strangers is through my networks! To be honest though it's human nature to be curious, that's what I tell myself anyway. There's about 5 guys I keep track of, tagged photos, wall posts etc. It's weird to think that we are the subjects of someone elses stalking too.-- Celine/England/2 hours a day
I've met this guy through common friends,we went out once and he never called me back. I wasn't a facebook addict but since I've met him I spend so muche time on the site, just looking at his profile hoping to have information about his life, and I'm stalking some of his friends who are tagging pictures of him.It's so pathetic, I'm even jalous of 18 years old girls who get to hang out with him (I'm 25 by the way)...Cindy

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It is not all BAD !!!

OK so all the story's I have written have ended bad and nor so good!
But I have come to realize that not everything ends badly!

I have meet so many wonderful people and have so many wonderful friendships because of face book ... Like all of you ... people that I have not seen in like a 100 years or new faces .... Yes it is all so wonderful I was told never to get drunk and go on face book …. But I did not listen at all and well I told a mean BITCH what I thought of her – Yah that went well NOT, well that was why this site was created right?

Also I find it crazy that there are sites for everything you need

Need Money, want to know what Oprah is up too, feel fat, Hate Bitches or love hot men, sex addiction , Madonna , Roger Federer , Michael Schumacher ,Kim Kardashian, I support Jessie James, hate life, I love big breast’s, I love big cock, smile at life
Gucci, Prada, Dr Phil, Dr OZ, Farmville, Poker, WTP, even builders and renovation places?
Question : do you really think all these famous people are really sitting at the computer letting you know what is going on in there life ?

Answer: Not a hope
(Just look at there twitter page)

Well I think you get the point !

I find it funny how you can meet someone on face book and they are like your long lost twin … I have meet a few I can only hope you do the same if not already, Oprah did a show the other day about people who have goggled there full name’s and there was even a movie on it … Well I did this a while ago and so many wonderful Tammy’s WOW.

Also I have found family on Face book and re connected my Uncle with his long lost son’s with just a click of a button... found some ex boyfriends too yup some were like having may hart broken allover again by them (not good) yup you know the ones the ones who are married and with children the good new was they got fatter and I’m hotter and there wife choice >>> Not even Hot and has nothing on you!

Well you understand!

The other thing that makes me smile is when you get to talk to family who you stopped talking to a while ago and looked at pitchers of yourself that you forgot about, and envy all the people take wonderful vacations to places where you would never get to see or how about the people that put there who life on there site?

Omg like we all need to know … you’re looking at the clock because it is Friday... Or taking out the dog … Enjoying the day … or I hate that man I hope he die’s … What would happen if that guy showed up dead?

But in all truth Facebook has met with some controversy. It has been blocked intermittently in several countries including Syria China, Vietnam, and Iran. It has also been banned at many places of work to discourage employees from wasting time using the service., Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The website's membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and Stanford University. It later expanded further to include (potentially) any university student, then high school students, and, finally, to anyone aged 13 and over. The website currently has more than 400 million active users worldwide.

The original concept for Facebook was borrowed from a product produced by Zuckerberg's prep school Phillips Exeter Academy which for decades published and distributed a printed manual of all students and faculty, unofficially called the "face book".
Privacy has also been an issue, and it has been compromised several times. Facebook settled a lawsuit regarding claims over source code and intellectual property. The site has also been involved in controversy over the sale of fans and friends.

Wow who would have thought that something for school children would become so popular among people of all ages?

I think it is so funny that at anytime I can get a message from my mom asking to send her an energy pack or a bottle for her farm or anything else she might be a fan of (LOL)

But he one thing I love about face book is the face that someone is always there if you ever need to talk or might be in the same mood you are and that they may need the same up lift you do that day … or to find out that your friend just had a baby… or to know that someone you love updated there status (aka: face book official) or just a confirmation that your husband or wife has nothing to hide.

Anyway this is my way of saying that I’m happy face book is around for so many reasons and the face that one site can open your eyes to so many truths and welcoming new friendships .

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It is like Meeting the man of my dreams...... Then finding out about his Beautiful wife!

Have you ever seen a man or a woman in a store or at a bar or a cafe and thought wow what would it be like to kiss those lips or thought WOW he/she must be really good in bed well the same as a pick on face book and OMG the poker world !!!

See if you have never been on this is how it is.
1. You pick a table and sit
2. Just like real life you look around the table to see how much everyone has.
3. You get the Hello Tammy on side chat.
4. You look at the pick (See just like real life)

This is what happens to one of my friend’s yes this is how it all starts.......
then you say hello back and then the buddy request happens (I get this all the time only because I have 90 million chips and just like real life men want a woman to take care of them) This is not a piss on you man thing it is the truth and in so many cases this is something a woman looks for as well.

But in some cases this is an open invite in to the world of poker love!
now I have heard a lot of things but I have to say that like real life there is Jalousie omg can you imagine this is so funny a person who get mad over you sitting a poker table and talking to others can you pitcher that (LMFAO)

So this is where this story begins......

So she meets guys and they get talking about everything (well almost)
How's your day?
What's new?
And then it goes to NH - this is what is known as nice hand..... Then you say TY.... Thank you... and then the famous VNH- Very Nice Hand!
Then some how the Happy face :)
Then before you knew it she introduces him to all of us and we are nice and say hi......he is a buddy of a buddy right? WRONG
Well then one day my friend called and say's this guy loves me off and when you ask WHAT ... she tell you they play all the time and talk about life... me - What the hell are you talking about .. See woman forget that the more you tell a guy he will play on it, I'm so unhappy! What why honey? HONEY.... HONEY wow the only one who call's me that is my husband and well I hate him so ty then the BABE word comes on !
This is how the romance starts then you ask well have you told him you are married and they say YES OMG SO IS HE!!!!!!
At this point... you think ok what the hell is going on? Then the conversation goes from bad to real bad..... She added him on to face book and BANG see what people don't understand is that is all your information of your life is on that page and HELLO your family!!! Now he knew everything about her... yup

Question: if you meet a stranger on the street would you give him your wallet and the address of your work and the names of your kids and sister?

Answer: HELL NO

So why would you tell someone who could be a killer??? You have no idea who this person is!!!

I have a problem with this HUGE! But have you ever tried to tell a friend something and they just don't get it?

Well this is where it all changes and the truth came out...
They were talking on the phone every day: and they talk all the time but there is one major twist

Well guess what he did! Yup he told his wife everything..... So he says LOL

ME I don't believe this crap in a million years >>> NOT AT ALL

But she does and now she freaks out ... OMG I love him and he did this for me ... what do I do this is a bull shit question --- we all know she does not want an answer she loves all the drama and the feeling that someone loves her again ..... And what about his wife well she heard only one side HIS! And I don't think that when his wife married him she thought to herself this is the man that will cheat on me after 20 years of marriage with some internet whore!!
Well after only one day he told her that he went back home because he realized that he will loose everything his kids his home and most of all Money!

Well I always thought there is no price for true happiness?

Question: If your man or woman came to you and told you that they loved someone else and you kiss there ass out would you let them back in the house

My Answer: HELL NO I would pull a waiting to exhale on that mother Fucker!

Well I would think that anyone would or at least hope ….. Well not his wife! Yah right!

Well this went on for a little longer and then the big wave he wrights her and says good bye! (What a real man that is like breaking up with someone in a text or on a post it)

Well let’s just say it was not a good bye ….. And then bang a new profile with a cartoon pick and a different name! Yes you got it another story
This time his wife hacked his computer and logged in to his face book page and sow the one on one personal message that they had been sending to each other and now she knew everything about my friend and that is why he had the fake profile! OMG

And then the BIGGER BANG - He called wrote her to call him right away …. This time he told her that his wife planted and tape recorder in his truck and taped all the phone conversations (WOW this woman should work for the FBI)
In my mind this guy has watched one to many movies …

Need less to say his wife still let him stay at the house and gave him another chance

Anyway this story is never ending since this phone call tape and the tell the truth and the countless good bye messages this is still not over and is going to the next step they have arranged for a meet ! Yes they are going to see each other for the first time OH so sorry the newer story is that he left his computer on under his new name and forgot to log off and his wife threw him out of the house …………….

Final thought ……

This is the crazies’ thing I have ever heard of in my life!
In 32 years I never thought this really goes on …. This is like a bad love movie.

I have always been told that if you cheat with a man who is married and he leaves her for you …… What makes you think he won’t do the same thing to you!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


There is always more to the story.....
That line in life is true in so many different ways... We have all said or done something that we wish we could do over right?
funny thing is I have always told people that I have no regrets but the truth is I have lots but I call them learning experiences (Madonna thought me that) yes we are have regrets ... it may be we did not travel, you gained weight, should of saved more, spent more time with a love one before it was too late..... This is called life and as people would say we only have one!
But do we? .... I don’t think that is correct at all, see if you think in that mind frame of only one life and you don’t have a good one you put yourself out in the word for disappointment this is not your fault …. And only you can change it! RIGHT
Now if you have a good life that hey what the hell – you love life and want nothing to ever be changed right?
So what if you never get a chance to be your own person or make decisions based on what other people want you to do? Or you make it on your own as a way to be free ………..
Question: Who is the boss of you?
Answer: YOU!
But let’s say that you were brought up in a life that put the weight of the world on you and everyone wanted you to be the adult ….. You grow up fast, you take on way to much, and when you see an opportunity to let it out it becomes an addiction. That is why Face book is such an addiction to most people it is a way for … People who got married young to feel sexy , Hot , Flirt, in control and most of all to live there life without hurting the people that expect too much from them …. See it is hard to hurt someone that you don’t know and can never disappoint and you can share your personal details with and they don’t have an option because they one know what you want them to. And that way they can never set you up to disappoint you and if they leave you well who cares there is always that buddy request at a different table!
So let’s say you get married young and you never get to live you twenties having fun , getting drunk ,sex with a hot guy after one date , never getting to know what you like in bed or partying unit the sun comes up, going away with girlfriends , ( this makes me sad) I have done them all and way more LOL . I did them because I believed that when I’m 30-40-50-60 I want to know that I had fun!
And when I meet the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with I would know because I kissed way too many frogs …. And guess what I did! And that is the one part of my life that I have no regrets and I’m glad I did not meet him sooner BECAUSE I WAS NOT READY ! ME YES IT IS ALL ABOUT ME! AND THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE FOR EVEYONE. Look we fight hard, we stress hard, but we love even harder that is something he thought me – the old me would of ran ….. But if you never fall down you will never make it back up and Face book is not the answer my suggestion is make a life list you know like a bucket list …
1. Party till I puke
2. Do something that I would never do ( jump out of a plain)
3. Go to Miami for spring break – who cares if you’re in your thirties party hard everyone is drunk
4. Make love for 9-10 hours
5. Some a joint and watch porn!
6. Dance around the house naked with all the blinds open.
I know you think I’m nuts but try it …… I believe that you should never say NO try log off of face book and live your live …. I think we should all PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR AND POUND LIKE A PORN STAR!